AP Comparative Government Group Project


The primary objective of this assignment is to develop a deeper

understanding of the government and economic aspects of the six

countries covered by the AP Comparative Government course.

  Each of you will be placed in to a group and have one

country on which to focus throughout this semester.  There are three

parts to the project.  There are as follows:


1.  Each group will need to keep a digital/copy collection of news

articles which focuses on both government and economic events in the

groupís country.  Each person in the group will need to contribute

10 articles with brief summaries each four weeks.  In one document the

group will need a list of each personís

name and the articles found by said person.  Please put in the exact

webpage for each article so that any other person can access the article

at a future point.  Make sure to actually read through the articles and

not just collect urls. 


2.  Every four weeks each group with give a

summary of the articles found since the last presentation.  You will not

need to talk about every article though the group will need to decide

which are the most important and relevant for the presentation.    


3.  The final part of the project will be a take time but is the most important part of the project.  Your group will need to contact and develop connections with a minimum of 10 people in your country.  I will tell you more about this in class.