Art Performance Observation


Here are the steps you will need to follow:


1.  Decide what type of performance you would like to attend.  The idea of the assignment is to see something you have not seen or heard before.  It can be a play, a concert, or any other type of performance that would fall under the broad umbrella of “art”. 


2.  Next, attend the performance. 


3.  During your visit you need to do the following:

            a.  write down where you go, the time, the day, length of time spent,

     approximate number of people, and any other important


b.  describe the building setting, inside and outside

c.  give a detailed description of the peformance

d.  describe what people are wearing (people attending and people working)

e.  describe how you feel before you go, during the peformance and finally after you have gone

f.  any other things you feel are important to understanding the experience

g.  If you feel comfortable taking pictures of where you go as well.  Please ask before you take pictures inside any location or of people.


4.  The final step is to write a paper based on your observations and information you gathered from #3.  There is not a specific page length but you must cover all the details of a to f (and g if you have photographs).  You will also need to turn in any notes that you took during your observation.