Both success and failure are useful outcomes, especially as the experience is talked about and written about later.

Roger D. Abrahams

Intro to Cultural Anthropology
H. Economics
AP Comparative Government
Social Entrepreneurship

Week 18


May 22nd is the last day to finish or redo any outstanding assignments.

 Find one example for each of the 15 issues we talked about from 30 days.  Label each one, 2 or 3 sentence summary of article, and URL of article.  Turn in on

Baraka assignment:  Answer the following question by using specific examples form the notes you took from the video.  Why do people make the economic choices they do over time?  The paper should be at least 750 words.  Consider scarcity, production, distribution, and consumption.  The paper is due on on Jan. 25th but your class time. info:
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Book Reading Project

Book Reading List
Spending Journal And Parental Discussions
Best Places to Work in 2017
Origin of Economic notes
Job Interview
2019 World Happiness Report
Spurious correlation
Do you live in a bubble?
Tammy Crabtree update
Stumbling on to Happiness Reading
Rational Optimists Chapter 1 Reading
Why Louis CK hates cellphones
Reza Aslan on violence and Islam
The Coddling of the American Mind
Here is why you shouldn't multitask
Creativity in 10 people over 90 years old
We can't have comdey and be political correct at the same time
Longest study on Happiness at Harvard
Tim Kovar's Job is climb trees
All the Data Google and Facebook has on you
My interview on K-12 anthropology
How to cure senioritis

We the Economy

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