Economic Book Reading


1.  Get a book of your choice.  You must show me the book before you start reading.

2.  You must get and use a highlighter! 


Next step is to read your book and highlight what you are reading.  Highlighting is very a useful tool so that you can quickly refer back to points of the book.  Highlighting is a developed skilled.  Highlight what you find interesting and also what you believe the author sees as important.  Highlight words, sentences or whole paragraphs.  You do not need to highlight on every page.  It is totally up to you how much or little you highlight.


Once you have read your book the next step is the written report.



Your report needs to include the following:


1.  The first part of the paper is an overview/review of what the book was about.  This cannot be longer than 500 words (2 pages). 


2.  The second and most important part of the paper is an analysis of what you highlighted.   Tell me why you highlighted what you did throughout the book.  Pretend like you are talking to me when you write this section.  In this section you must do a minimum of 250 words (1 page) per chapter.  The average book is about 10 chapters so if your book has fewer chapters make sure to tell me more per chapter to make up the difference.  Do not put direct quotes in this section!  You only need to tell me the page number.


3.  The final section of the paper is where you write about what you thought about the book.  Make sure this section is no longer than 250 words (1 page).


The final step of your report will be a brief presentation to the class about the book you read. 



Your report will be turned in on