Articles of Interest

Both success and failure are useful outcomes, especially as the experience is talked about and written about later.

Roger D. Abrahams

Intro to Cultural Anthropology
H. Economics
AP Comparative Government
Social Entrepreneurship

Articles of Interest

Articles from 2009-2010
Here is what a trillion dollars looks like
Here is an article about a new jihadi code
Here is an article about witches in Kenya
Here is an article about the science of success
Here and here are fun geography tests
Here is an article about albinos in Tanzania
Here is a great video about a simple item created for kids
Here is an article about children slaves in Pakistan
Check out how the decade has changed things
Here is an article on child sex slavery in Cambodia
What does it mean to be middle class
Be careful with your Facebook page
An article and video on the Guinea Worm

Articles from 2010-2011
Here is a website on innovation
Transforming Kenya one bridge at a time
Children killed as witches in Nigeria
Money and happiness
Boy earns 1 cent a goat in slaughter trade
A boy and a bike in Zimbabwe
A man's job is to climb a tower 1768 feet tall (video)
India's wall of death
Why religion breeds happiness:  Friends
Article about Steve Wozniak
Why your Facebook ID is marketers' Holy Grail
Are Americans as Poor as They Feel?
Apple engineer re-creates ancient computer with Legos
African Huts Far From the Grid Glow With Renewable Power
Student tracking finds limited learning in college
The World's Happiest Countries
Muhammad Yunus faces removal
End of store fitting rooms?
Ending modern slavery
Income Inequality:  Where do you fall?
Myths about the rich and poor
Top 1% and what they make
Commodities of Depreciating Value
Americans Flunk Budget IQ test
Happiest careers in America
Economic music videos!
A guy quits his job and moves to Rwanda to work with
George Ayittey on Cheetahs vs. Hippos:  The Future of Africa
Getting Smart on Aid
The tent that turns into concrete in less than 24 hours
Why your brain needs vacation
Why is America the no vacation nation?
Forever Young?  In Some way, yes.
Thiel Fellowship Pays 24 Talented Students $100,000 Not to Attend College

Articles from 2011-2012
Will computers replace teachers?
College is a waste of time
Rebellion of an Innovation Mom
Banks sell your shopping habits
Google is changing your brain, study says, and don't you forget it
Indiana teen's racy photos are free speech
Life in "trash land"
Kids sue mother for being a "bad mom"
Throat singer of Mongolia
Robert Reich explains the credit downgrade
A club where rich people break things
el General, the voice of Tunsia
National debt facts
Is technology for good for the classroom?
Plastic coke bottles become light source in homes
Poverty rate rises in America
What if the secret to success is failure?
Amazing wingsuit video
Technology in the classroom (with me in the article)
How Whole Foods "primes" you to shop
Beyond Red vs. Blue: The Political Typology
The rising cost of raising a child
How much 'forced labor' fuels your lifestyle?
New "fat tax" in Denmark
Things Student loan companies won't tell you
Raising minimum wages in certain states
Bay area cost of living up 18%
India announces $35 tablet computer for rural poor
Wozniak remembers Steve Jobs
Three women's rights activists share Nobel Peace Prize
Steve Jobs commencement speech at Stanford
Jeffery Sachs on 7 Billion people on the planet
Earn $2,000 a night as a boomtown stripper
The 53%: We are NOT Occupy Wall Street
Why The Economy Looks Like Expansion, Feels Like Recession
The plastic surgery a model needs to look like Barbie
More Americans than Chinese can’t put food on the table
Is the tide turning against the killing of 'cursed' infants in Ethiopia?
Photos of victim, the other an oppressor in the Rwanda genocide
More Facebook Friends, Fewer Real Ones, Says Cornell Study
2012 candidates slip on Econ 101
How Ants Wage War
'Nymwars' debate over online identity explodes
Congress Approval Rating Lower Than Porn, Polygamy, BP Oil Spill, 'U.S. Going Communist'
The Face of Modern Slavery
Girls Just Want to Go to School
Failure is Good
$34.3 billion in vacation days to go unused this year
Enticing words printed on bags of potato chips have a lot to say about social class, Stanford researchers find
The humble potato chip and packaging language target class distinctions
Clothing Giant H&M Defends ‘Perfect’ Virtual Models
Census shows 1 in 2 people are poor or low-income
The overjustification effect
Paul Zak: Trust, morality -- and oxytocin
The Scientific Search for the World's Funniest Joke
Funny commercials made in Japan
Gossip may have social purpose, study says
Biggest Holders of US Government Debt
Disruptions: Facebook Users Ask, 'Where's Our Cut?'
Last World War I Veteran dies
Why people believe misinformation
Job gap between young and old
Why American Kids are Brats
It costs 2.4 cents to make a penny
Bras liberate women from Sex Slavery
Are rich more unethical?
$50 turns ditch water into drinking water
Animated version of what motivates us
Instruction for Masses Knocks Down Campus Walls
Archbishop Mitty High School embraces iPad as learning tool
Slave master becomes an abolitionist
Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?
British Gameshow Contestant Puts On Badass Display Of Game Theory
The Man Who Quit Money
World's largest economies
Millennials struggle with financial literacy
Nutella maker to pay $3M in lawsuit over false nutritional claims
Creating Innovators: Why America's Education System Is Obsolete
The Inflation of Life - Cost of Raising a Child Has Soared
The Trouble with Profiling
We're No. 1! We're No. 1! We're ... uh ... not?

Articles 2013 to 2014
The psychology of color and branding
There is more to life than being happy
Prisoners dilemma in real life
Maps that will help you make sense of the world
Kids shouldn't have phones so they can learn empathy
When your music video is not secretly an advertisement
The funny or die video of the Chipotle scarecrow ad

Articles 2014 to 2015
Why Kids are better off without homework
Exposing the great poverty lie
The things employeers look for in recent grads
Readers absorb less on Kindles
Map shows what $100 is worth in each state
Roger Waters:  Why moral pervsity of US position in Gaza is stunning
Monkey's selfie cannot be copyrighted
The neuroscience of always be distracted
How the next generation is approaching society's biggest problems
The Rise of the Helicopter teacher
Turn on, Retweet, Tune out
If you are always working, you are not working well
Why capitalism has nothing to do with supply and demand
A smart way to skip college in pursuit of a job
The case for baning laptops in the classrom
Motivation and mindset anchoring
20 kids getting $100,000 to skip college
Correlation does not mean causation
Here is why the middle class feels squeezed
Jerry Seinfeld dismantles the advertising industry
From Brazil to Uganda:  What it takes to get ahead
Ambulance driver fights Ebola
Morgan Spurlock's We the Economy
Money makes you less rational than you think
Happiest careers
This 17-Year-Old Has Given 45 African Girls An Education By Selling Headbands
Me, Myself and the Loo
A powerful lesson about previlage
25 websites that will make you smarter
Teaching and facilitating entrepreneurship in a school setting
Old Arcade Games
52 of most common misconceptions in the world
Pizza Hut's eye tracking menu
Watch Bill Gates drink water that use to be human poop
Cartoonists pay tribute to fall satirists
The Case for breaking up with your parents
I am not Charlie Hebdo
Your college major is a minor issue
50 incredibly clever logos with hidden meanings
Ken Robinson: Creativity is in everything, especially teaching
The College degrees and skills employers most want in 2015
How capitalism created cool
Here is where your tax dollars go
The difference between the rich and poor in 1 graph
The science of why you should spend your money on experiences, not things
Poverty shrinks brain from birth
For a more creative brain, travel
The colateral damge of teenagers

The Raise that roared
Popular logos with hidden messages
The Six living generations
The real reason college costs so much
How Americans miss out on $24 billion a year
Message to my college Freshman
How much you need to make to rent a 2 bedroom apt. in each state
Helicoptor parents and college depression
A fearless culture fuels tech giants
What if we obessed over teachers like we did over Pro atheletes
Facebook should pay us
Learning in an era of abundant information and fleeting expertise
Millennials are now the largest labor force ever
A message to the class of 2015
How schools are handling an "overparenting" crisis website for college money
How much money do you need to me middle class in each state
Ten things to know about money before you're 30
Sweden flirts with a 6 hour work day
World poverty rate to fall below 10% for the first time
China now has a citizen score
Albino teen attacked for body parts
Nobel Economist shows we are helping the wrong people
Not saving enough for retirement
Postage stamps from Bhutan that double as vinyl records
How to find your calling the importance of diverse interests
Why people actually don't want equality
Samsung offers teens a free vacation, if...
Get ready for generation Z at work
The birth and death of Privacy in 46 pictures
You can only really count of 4 of your 150 friends
Fighting the Derp
Do you live in a bubble?  Take the quiz.
Americans are spending more but saving less
Millennials are now the largest living generation
How I went from Middle Class to homeless
Who owns America's debt?
Will Millenials be able to retire?
Sillicon Valley's middle class is shrinking

All the countries that have already had a woman leader
Only three cities have affordable housing, quaility of life, and jobs
Pearls Before Swine comic censored
This company has built a profile on every America adult
Full body education
Sex ed is required.  Why isn't financial ed?
Median Household income finally goes up
Stanford Dean says there is too many helicopter parents
I used to be a human being: how technology almost killed me
Virginity test to enter university in Egypt
Pussy Riot's new political song
Frank Luntz with group of voters 2 days before the election
The future of education
How people vote when they feel screwed
The national debt is the Republicans' problem now
Average college degrees pay off by age 34
Cost of raising a child as of 2016
A down payment on a house in Silicon Valley could buy you a house other places
Can the US survive without a middle class?
Using gps switches off part of the brain
H&R Block and Turbotax want to keep taxes difficult
Instagram is bad for youth mental health
Owning your own future
Household debt tops 2008 peak
How Google took over the classroom
Americans give up half of their vacation days

2017 - 2018
7% of Americans think chocolate milk comes from brown cows
Cost of war in Afghanistan
Why are American teenagers suffering from anxiety
Richard Thaler wins Nobel Prize in Economics
Bull Market is 103 months old
Billboard shows ads by using cameras to see people walking by
Rohingya refugees
The women fighters who help free Raqqa in Iraq
The ten best jobs for Millenials 2017
How do people spend their vactions around the world
America's wealth gap is bigger than ever
Myths about the top 1%
How understanding money can help your career
20 things no one tells you about growing up
Americans are sending too much stuff to Houston
How to fight genital mutilation with economics
Immigrants in Fremont, Nebraska
Real world dangers of algorithm bias
Former Facebook Exc says social media is ripping society apart
Life expectancy drops for second year in a row in US
Never been a better time to be single
20 Things No One Tells You about Growing Up
Welcome to Monowi, Nebraska: Population 1
Wozniak disgusted with Facebook
China's Social scoring system is now in place
7 Charts to show why teachers are fed up
Yes, you should delete your Facebook
An Apology for the Internet from the People who built it
Masters of Mind Control
Second longest expansion in US History just happened
VR Homeless game
Palestinian nurse shot by snipper
Student loan debt now tops 1.5 trillion

2018 - 2019
Political cartoonist being fired in US
Female rapper in Saudia Arabia sings about lift of driving ban
New Zealand company tries 4 day work week
Marriages crumble under student loan debt
Parents hiring Fortnite coachs for thier kids
Salary needed to afford a 2-bedroom apartment in 25 cities
Musicians only make 12 percent of what industry makes
Deepfake videos
Teens and smartphones
Have smartphones destroyed a generation?
China cashes in on all the lonely people
I am part of the resistance inside the Trump Administration
Your chances of dying infographic
For the first time in 130 years more 18-34 year olds living at home not with partner
4 million jobs now in the Bay Area
China's Social Credit System
Welcome to College, Your parents are in the tents next door
The Republican Party Abandons Conservatism
Egyptian woman jailed for being sexual haressed
I was a cable guy.  I saw the worst of America
Internet Bill of Rights
Female freedom fighters of Kurdistan
Only 6 countries have equal rights for men and women
Happiest country in the world 2019
A "disgusting" Yale Professor Moves On
The right way to follow your passion
What Rural America has to teach us
Human contact is becoming a luxury good
Intercollegiant Meat Judging competition


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