Government News from Around the World

You will be learning about the United States Government throughout the semester.  One very important fact to keep in mind is that the US government does not exist in a vacuum.  It is very important to understand the relationship the United States has with other foreign governments.


The following is the instructions you will need to follow:

1.  You will need a separate sections in your notebook/binder to keep all of the information for this specific assignment. 
2.  First you will need to pick 5 of the 11 following regions of the world to follow throughout the semester:
a.  Central America
b.  Caribbean
c.  South America
d.  Western Europe
e.  Eastern Europe
f.   North Asia
g.  Middle East
h.  Africa
i.  Indian Subcontinent
j.  East and Southeast Asia
k.  Pacific Region

3.  Each week you will need to find one article for each of the five regions (five articles per week).  The article can be from any country in that given region.  You need to find articles that look at the relationship between the country and the US. 

4.  Once you have found the articles you will need to write a two or three sentence summary for each article. 

5.  I will be checking the summaries every two weeks. 

This is a very easy way to get points so make sure to keep up with the articles.