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The claim of progress is correct as long as it is not taken to be a claim of perfection.

Jeffery Sachs

Intro to Cultural Anthropology
H. Economics
AP Comparative Government
Social Entrepreneurship


Websites for Design Research Project
Here is a great website for understanding the differences between argumentative and analytical research papers.  This will be useful for your project.
Here is a resource for posters.
Worldometer has current world statistics

Gates Foundation here
Here is a  link about microwork
The Global Source for Innovation Intelligence
News Hacker for entrepreneurial ideas
New Schools Venture Fund
Here is the link for Charity Navigator relating to funding
Here is a link to D-Rev:Design for the other 90%
Here is the link for the Carter Center
Here is a link to an innovative idea
Here is a link for the Acumen Fund
Here is a website on innovation
Here is fun website on information collection, visualization and interactive mapping
New website Jumo helps with the social good
The Coddling of the American Mind

World Values Survey
Demographic and Health Survey Data
Research is WEIRD
More Evidence Less Poverty
Smart Aid for the World's Poor
The Human Development Report 2015
30 under 30 top Social Entrepreneurs

Great local organization that deals with child health issues
A website for rethinking of the way to fight global poverty
Silicon Valley has an Empathy Problem
Lesson from Silicon Valley to End Poverty (video)
Creativity in 10 people over 90 years old
Preparing students for a Complex World
Poverty and the young brain
World Hacks
World Happiness Report Waiting for Happiness in Africa
Africa goes high tech
Tech in Africa

Check out geography IQ for data on countries
This website unites girls to change the world
A great way to fund schools in Africa
Room to Read
Students changing the lives of the world's poor
Inveneo organization that helps connect people through technology
Living Proof highlights what the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is doing
CK-12 Flexbooks are on-line textbooks
Curriki is on line education community is website that uses petitions to create change
Bras liberate women from Sex Slavery
$50 turns ditch water into drinking water looks at clean water and antimicrobial solutions
The world's first inflatable solar light
Article on inflatable solar light
Here is the link to our book Poor Economics
What does prosperity look like throughout the world?
One Acre Fund
We Care Solar
The Samburu Water Project in Kenya
A Website to promote innovations that position bio-sanitation
A visit to the Potty Lab
Make schools safe for girls everywhere
This Cardboard Bike Could Change Transportation As We Know It
Charity Water
Tracking a killer: Cell phones aid pioneering malaria study in Kenya
The Tech Awards with past winners and their ideas
The Global Social Benefit Incubator (GSBI™) through Santa Clara University
UN:  Eating more insects good for you, good for world
Rights based group in Kenya
Using sports to help kids in Kenya
Design Liberation Technologies course ast Stanford
The Toolkit provides standard measures related to complex diseases, phenotypic traits and environmental exposures
Exposing the great poverty lie
Turn on, Retweet, Tune out
Solution Fluency
Former fisherman feeds 1 million schools kids a day
21 cool things students have built with 3D printers
Microsoft Youthspark
Machine that turns poo into water gets test run in Africa
Billions in Change
Limits of the Clinton Foundation with aid to Rwanda
M-pesa in Kenya
In 5 minutes, He Lets the Blind See
This video explains what is wrong with Kickstarter
Rwanda's ambition to be the start-up hub of Africa
Instagram's White Savior Barbie
Waterless toilet turns waste into water and power
Bamboo bicycle
Virginity test to enter university in Egypt
A cloth slow cooker
Business Council for Peace
A 17 year old view on entrepreneurship
The $5 solar lamp
The future of education
Girls in ICT in Rwanda
Mobile money helped raise 2% of people out of poverty in Kenya
On Pseudo-Excellence and Corruption in the Kenyan Education System
The 20 cent device could transform health care
How might we expand economic opportunities for youth in East Africa challenage
The Digital Camera on cell phone has empact on lives in Africa
The Africa country where girls learn way more than boys
Ikea's shelter that can built in 4 hours
More than Me
Could banana plants solve India's sanitary napkin problem?
Sanitary Pad Crowdfunding Unsettles Uganda's Elite
Rachel Offline
SWABO Scientific Animations Without Borders
The Young Entrepreneur bring cleaner air to India's villages
Kngine - The most intelligent AI engine
Ecopost in Kenya
High schooler makes 3d-printed, machine learning-powered eye disease diagnosis system
Impact investing is catching on
Toilet: A love Story
40 Million Slaves in the world today
Could women and water help end extreme poverty?
Americans are sending too much stuff to Houston
How to fight genital mutilation with economics

Ghana's president calling for an end to Western dependency
Archimedes Project

Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation
Apple Teams with Malala
Bridges to Prosperity


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