Design Research Project


The primary objective of this project is to help you better understand real world applications of social entrepreneurship from human input through design.  This assignment will draw on all the information you have learned thus far and what you will continue to  learn throughout this semester.  The most important point of this assignment is the analysis and then synthesis of all the information you are using in a way that has the potential to produce real world results.


You will be using the text Human Centered Design Toolkit for this project.  There is a hardcopy of the text in the classroom and you can also find the link on the class website.


Groups need to be between five or six people.  Keep in mind that this assignment only receives one grade, not a grade for each person so make sure to choose wisely with whom you work. 


Objective:  The main objective of this assignment is to create a real world project that will have social and economic benefits to those who will use it.  There are two options:

1.  Create an entirely new project, though it certainly may be related to a project that already exists or is in the process of being created.

2.  Take a current project and enhance it in new and innovative ways.


The Details:
The first step is to create your groups. 

Each group will need to come up with 4 or 5 criteria by which you will evaluate each person in the group.  Each week everyone in the group will anonymously grade each other.

Each week one or two representatives from each group will visit the other groups to get an update on what is happening in each group.  You will need to keep all this information as part of your final portfolio. 

You will need to keep a log of all the people you contact and communicate with throughout the semester related to your project.

Here are the main components for this assignment

1.  A written paper:

The written portion needs to be between 6250 and 7500 words in length (25 to 30 pages).  The paper needs to include the following:


a.      The idea with a general explanation of what you plan to do. (Tell

             me what your are going to tell me)

b.     What category or categories the idea fits in with from the Sustainable Development Goals.  See   

c.      Background research on similar or the same idea (this section will

              probably have the largest number of sources).

d.      Explanation of how the idea will be funded

e.      This section gives information about the people, organizations, business, etc. you have contacted

             through the semester.


f.       Explanation of what country(s) the idea will be implemented in

g.      How will you deal with long term maintenance issues, continuing  updates, etc.

h.      Explanation of how the idea will be implemented (Summary, tell

             what you told me)


This paper is an analytical research paper.  You will need to follow the proper formatting and content.  My website has a link that will explain how to do an analytical research paper. 

For reference the website is


You will need to use APA formatting and style for this paper.  The website reference for APA is


The exact link for the difference between analytical and argumentative is


I will discuss the process in class so everyone understands how to correctly do the paper.



2.  A poster board of the information

         The poster needs to include:

a.      A written summary of the written paper

b.      Photos and/or drawings of your idea, location of implementation,

             people involved, etc.

c.      Please go to my class website for the AAA site reference in how to

            do the poster.  It is also below for reference.


3.  Video

You will be making short videos of your project through the process.  You will be posting these to our Facebook Group.  You will make a final video at the end of the assignment. 


4.  Presentation
The presentation will be from the poster board with explanation and the video.


Finally, be as creative as you can and have fun with this assignment.  Do not expect to create the perfect idea.  The point of this assignment is to develop potential real ideas, not necessarily an idea in its final form.