Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

The live being recurrently loses and re-establishes equilibrium with his surroundings.

Victor W. Turner

Intro to Cultural Anthropology
H. Economics
AP Comparative Government
Social Entrepreneurship



Week 14


Read Chapter 12 for Monday.  Quiz #4 on Chapters 10,11,12 will be on Thursday and we will review for the Final Exam.

Final Exam on Monday Dec. 10th from 2:15 to 4:15 Info
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Enrollment Key:  dhoma


Analytical Response Paper
Weekly Readings
Week 2 Rereading Cultural Anthropology
Week 3 Darkness in El Dorado
Week 4 The Dobe and Jo/'honsai
Week 5 What about our rights?
Week 6 The Dobe Jo/'honsai Postscript and Christmas in the Kahalari
Week 8 The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour
Week 9 Endangered Peoples of Africa and the Middle East
Week 10 The Sambia Ritural, Sexuality and Change
Week 11 The Anthropology of Experience
Week 12 Culture on Tour Ethnographies of Travel

Body Ritural Among the Nacirema

Core Concepts in Cultural Anthropology
Chapter 1
Chapter 1 Notes
Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Notes
Chapter 3
Chapter 3 Notes
Chapter 4
Chapter 4 Notes
Chapter 5
Chapter 5 Notes
Chapter 6
Chapter 6 Notes
Chapter 7
Chapter 7 Notes
Chapter 8
Chapter 8 Notes
Chapter 9
Chapter 9 Notes
Chapter 10
Chapter 10 Notes
Chapter 11
Chapter 11 Notes
Chapter 12
Chapter 12 Notes

Due Dates

Quiz 1 Sept. 17th
Analytical Paper 1 Sept. 20th
Quiz 2 Oct. 9th
Analytical Paper 2 Oct. 11th
 Midterm Oct. 18th
Quiz 3 Nov. 15th
Analytical Paper 3 Nov. 8th
Quiz 4 Dec. 6th
Final Dec. 10th


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