Job Interviews

Soon each of you will be finishing high school and heading out beyond the past 13 years of learning.  Many of you are thinking about what type of job you might want to pursue in the coming years.  It is very important to understand the skills necessary to do different types of jobs.  One useful way of finding out about jobs is to actually speak with the people who do the job.  This assignment will give you real on the ground information.

1.  Develop a list of 10 to 15 questions that you will ask different people.  Do not just make yes/no questions.  Write open ended questions that will give you more in depth information.  Ask questions about what skills the person actually uses on a day to day basis.  What does the person like most/least about the job?  What did they learn in high school that is useful now? 

2.  Part I:  Interview 5 different people in as varied of fields as possible.  The person needs to have been in the job for a minimum of 2 years and not be retired for more than 2 years.  You need to ask 10 questions to each person.  You must ask 10 questions to each person.  The questions do not have to be the same for each person. 

3.  Part II:  You will need to speak with 5 people in 5 different jobs/businesses about what skills they look for in new hires and/or current employees.  You can use people you interview from part 1 but only if they are part of the hiring process.  You will need to just have a list for this part. Make sure for each list to write the person's name and business.  Under this information put the list you were told.

4.  You need to analyze the data and write up what you found from your discussions.  You will need to write at least a 500 word summary of your data.  You will need to turn in the answers to your questions with answers (raw data), a list of your questions (no answers on this sheet, just the questions), the stamped questions from the beginning of the assignment, the lists of skills, and the write up.