Mid-term study guide

Chapter 1

What is a state?  Economic liberalization     interest groups           OPEC

Imperialism    What is political culture?       First, second, third world

Domestic pressures on states


Chapter 2

Catch all         laissez-faire     left-wing/right-wing             fascism            political legitimacy

Hobbes/Locke     What makes for a democracy?    Green parties      

What causes legislative gridlock       Cold War


Chapter 3

What does liberal mean in Europe? 

Define and understand what makes up American political culture

New Left/New Right

Policy making in the US


Chapter 4

Current prime minister          the different houses of parliament    civic culture in the UK

Roll of class in the UK and politics   Conservative and Labour party      

Collectivists consensus          Political culture          Margaret Thatcher  current prime minister


Chapter 5

Founder of 5th Republic         current president       centralization                

houses of the French parliament       events of 1968 and importance        

foreign policy dilemma          cohabitation               pro-clerical/anti-clerical


Chapter 6

Chancellor      reunification   houses of parliament             success of post-war West Germany

CDU  FDP      political parties           corporatism


Chapter 7

Treaty of Rome           original 6 countries of EU      qualified majority       European Court

Start of Eurozone       Three Pillars              political deficits of EU