Important people

Jomo Kenyatta. He was the first president of Kenya. He died in 1977 in his sleep when he was on holiday in Mombasa.  Daniel arap Moi was the second president of Kenya and he brought multi-party system in Kenya.  This type of rule has brought a lot of tribalism in our country which was not there when Jomo Kenyatta was president.

Koffi Anan. He was the secretary to United Nations.  He came to Kenya and brought peace during the fighting where many people died when the elections was done in 2007.

Barrack Obama. The president of U.S.A. His father was from kogelo nyagoma here in Kenya. We are very happy because he is a man whose father is from our country.The reason why we admire him not because of his success as the the first black president but because he has his origin in our country Kenya. This brings our country fame.


Ohangla. This is luo traditional music. The singer dresses in traditional dress and uses African instruments to produce the music. The dancers shake their shoulders and their waists as they dance. Ohangla is liked my youth and adults. The musicians are above 30yrs.

Wahu, juakali, Nameless are singers from Kenya and they sing hip hop and genge. Genge is a mix of English, Kiswahili and even local tribe. International musicians in your country are also liked here in Kenya.


Chapati. A very taste food made of wheat flour, warm water a bit of salt and cooking oil. It is eaten with meat stew or green grams or groundnut soup. Dairy meat is very available but there are those who like goat meat. At break time some students can afford to buy chapatti and take with tea.

Cassava. This is a tuber crop and we eat for breakfast with tea or porridge. It is boiled and you add salt for better taste.  Most of the food you have not heard of them since they are traditional ones mainly from plants and they are also cheap like potatoes, cassava and yams.

Books.  We read what we have in our school library. Our principal has brought us many books like ‘Think Big’ by Johnnie Carson. These books are written in English and some in Kiswahili.  In our school we even study Shakespeare literature. We find the English difficult to follow but this year we will not study it. The form four students of last year studied The Merchant of Venice.

Our culture. Circumcision is part of many of our tribes. It is a custom that they circumcise the boys or girls. This shows they are now mature. In some communities if the girl is even ten years and is circumcised then she can get married to man even as a second or third wife. But not all communities do this. Now the doctors say that male circumcision is a protection against HIV.  Another culture practice is our burial ceremony that people come together to mourn the dead. We believe that one must be buried in his ancestral land. So if he or she dies in Mombasa the body must be transported to his homeland for burial. Because of the burial arrangements the body will be in the mortuary for 2 weeks and be buried either on Saturday or Sunday depending on his faith. Kit Mikayi is a cultural place not very far from our school. There is a myth about the place that the elder of the home had one wife and decided to take a second wife. The first wife got angry when she heard this and decided to go out of the home to a deserted place and cry. It is said she turned into stone. Kit means stone, mikayi means first wife. Now people go up the hill to beg her not to be angry with them. But other locals have turned it to a place of worship. Moran is maasai name given to the youth in the tribe when they become of age to marry and take care of the tribe. The men will be separated and stay in the wilderness for many weeks hunting and learning about the ways of the tribe. When they are ready to go back to their villages they paint their bodies with red ochre and plait their hair ready to protect the tribe. Kenya has 42 tribes. Each Kenyan comes from a tribe eg kamba, luo,kalenjin,turkana. 

  Games. In games Kisumu Boys High School is our rival in football, basketball and hockey. The school is very near our school.  Anytime we meet this school our matches are very tensed and exciting. We play volleyball on our pitch outside the school. It is a strong team. During the term we also participate in inter-classes competition in football. Football is the most popular sport in the school. Back at home we make balls using old plastic bags and form teams to play. 

School. Riots are common in some parts of our country in boarding schools. Usually one school riots and another in the neighbour will follow. For example Ngere Secondary School a few kilometres from kisumu went to strike because they wanted to go home for half term. They rioted and burnt the school food store and the bus. When the students came back to school they first had to pay for the damages. When we go out for club activities like drama, science club, maths symposium we meet girls from other schools and exchange stories and get to know one another. The teachers encourage us to ask questions and answer their questions because we learn better like this.

Drama Festival. This takes place in first term like this term. Schools all over the country compete in drama performances in plays, dances reciting poems and chants. The winners at each level move on to finally meet in April to battle it out for the final prize. Our school performs well in dances and plays.

TV shows. Tyra Banks is very interesting to the youth. She is also a beautiful model. Sakata Dance Show is a dance competition that groups compete for prizes like money and cars. Tahidi high is also a programme about life in secondary school. It is very funny.

Safari Rally. Safari means journey in Kiswahili. This is a rally where cars compete. Local and International drivers take part. This rally covers the difficult roads outside Nairobi to central province and other areas. But here is kisumu we don’t get to see this rally because the route does not cover here. So we watch the rally on tv.

Modern Technology. Mobile phones are very popular in kisumu.  Nearly every adult has a phone because now they are a bit cheap. But very few people can afford blackberry because it is a very expensive phone. It is a phone for rich people.  I admire the phone when l see it in the newspapers of magazines in school. No student is allowed to have a mobile phone in school. That is a government policy. Cinemas are here in kisumu but students cannot afford to go and watch a movie. The tickets are expensive so we have not watched avatar. Many people have radios in the house but not TV. There are my friends who don’t have a tv in their house but have radio.

Clothes. Tyra shorts are what modern girls in kisumu like to wear. They are small and have large side pockets. Kitenge is an African dress made of cotton material but decorated with African designs. A slave shirt is a shirt that has no sleeves.

Bull Fighting. This is an important event that takes place in December among the luhya tribe especially those staying at a place known as khayega. The villages will compete which has the strongest bull. At the end the winning village will dance the traditional ishikuti dance  the whole night and the adults drink the local brew from one big pot.


Kennedy Lumumba

Caleb Odum

Dennis Omondi

George Omondi

Moses Awour

Fredrick Monchari

Ken Messo

David Obwar

Wilfred Okore