The individual person is the largest social unit within which the experience of conversion can take place, and it is only that conversion which enables a student of another culture to interpret between it and his or her own.

Frederick Turner

Intro to Cultural Anthropology
H. Economics
AP Comparative Government
Social Entrepreneurship



I had a great visit to Kisumu this July.  I enjoyed meeting with the two scholarship winners, Abednego and Akinyi.  Click HERE to read about each student's story.

Scholarship Fund
The students of Los Gatos High School have raised funds to offer two scholarships to help fund students wishing to attend University.  One student from Kisumu Day Boys High School and one Student from Kisumu Girls High School will be chosen to receive a Scholarship.  The two students who are chosen will be given funding for each semster for up to five years of University.  Below you will find the scholarship questions. 

Please submit your answers by May 22nd. 

You may submit your answers in whatever form works best for you (word document, pdf, even a video answering the questions).  Please submit your answers to

Scholarship Questions


Looking forward to 2015 and the granting of the scholarship funds!

What are Natural Rights  Here what the girls think.
Here is a great link to David at the Girls School telling about his experience
The girls saying "Thank You!" for the new computers we helped fund
Here are several write ups on our program

Here is the link to the food journals and recipes from the Los Gatos students.
Here are the top ten lists from the Los Gatos students.


We received the Top Ten lists from Kisumu.  Check out the students top ten lists here
Here is an explanation of some of the Kisumu Top Ten lists.

Here are Kenyan recipes sent from the students in Kisumu.

Here is a great write up on work happening between Kisumu and Los Gatos through the Millennium City Initiative Website.

We will be having our final Skype call for the school year with the Kisumu Girls School on Wednesday and with the Kisumu Boys School on Thursday. 

Here is a link to final thoughts from the Anthropology students on their experience with Kisumu Day High School.




Click HERE to read about the Kisumu Day High School


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