Social Entrepreneurship

Both success and failure are useful outcomes, especially as the experience is talked about and written about later.

Roger D. Abrahams

Intro to Cultural Anthropology
H. Economics
AP Comparative Government
Social Entrepreneurship


Week 14

Map Quiz:  Southeast Asia on Thursday

I will be checking the question journal for weeks 12,13, and 14 on Thursday along with the Map news articles for the bottom half of Africa, East Asia, and Southeast Asia
Keep up with news articles for the map quiz


Design Research Project Semester Assignment

Doing Good Short Documentary

Class Handouts

Solution Fluency
Reza Aslan on violence and Islam
Spurious correlation
The Coddling of the American Mind
Social Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century Chapter 1
Chapter 13 Culture
Chapter 25 Cultural Exchange and Survival
Hans Rosling
Hans Rosling:  Don't use the news media to understand the world
Chapter 1:  The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k

Behave Chapter 11 Us Versus Them
Behave Chapter 6 Adolescence
Behave Epilogue
Games for Change
If the World were 100 people
How to write about Africa
Changemaker Foreward, Chapters 1 and 2
ChangeMaker Chapter 3
The Self-Help Myth Chapter 1
More Evidence Less Poverty
The #1 reason people day in each country
Smart Aid for the World's Poor
Sustainable Development Goals: All You Need to Know
The Backwards Brain Bicycle
The Human Development Report 2015
The Power of Unreasonable People Introduction
Research is WEIRD
The Power of Unreasonable People Chapter 2
The Power of Unreasonable People Chapter 3
The Power of Unreasonable People Conclusion
The Real Problem Solvers Introduction
Change by Design Intro/Chapter 1
Change by Design Chapter 8
Change by Design Chapter 9
30 under 30 top Social Entrepreneurs
The Solution Revolution Introduction
Silicon Valley has an Empathy Problem
Lesson from Silicon Valley to End Poverty (video)
Creativity in 10 people over 90 years old
How to fold a record-breaking paper airplane
Preparing students for a Complex World
Poverty and the young brain
Workouts and weight loss
We can't have comedy and be political correct at the same time
World Hacks
World Happiness Report Waiting for Happiness in Africa
The Death of Expertise Chapter 4  Let me Google that for You
Video of David and the Vodophone project in Kakuma
How to send email to very busy people

How to take notes

Group Videos Spring 2016

Power to Her
Connect the World
Flint Michigan Tropics

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