Spending Journal


Welcome to your senior year.  Before you know it (or want it to happen) you will be paying for more and more of your life from your own pocket.  Throughout this semester you will be keeping a spending journal.  The objective of this assignment is to make you better aware of you and your family’s finances. 


Here is what will be expected for this assignment:


1.  You will need to have a separate section in your notebook/journal for this assignment.  All parts must be kept in this section.


2.  You will need to make columns that include the following four categories:  job,me, parents, and friends.  These labels will be at the top of each column.  Write the date going down the right side of each page.  I will explain the details of what type of expenses go in each column in class.  I would strongly encourage you to keep your receipts for purchases.  This isn't a requirement but it will help you remember what you have bought.  If you have use of on-line banking use your account to keep track of your spending.  You will still need to write it down in the journal.


Obviously there can be a huge difference in how much each student might spend.  This assignment has nothing to do with how much you spend.  It simply is to help you be better aware of what you spend and how you spend your or other people’s money.  I will check this part of the journal every few weeks just to make sure you are keeping up with the assignment. 


3. Each month you will need to sit down with your parents (one or both) or whoever takes care of you and discuss various financial topics.  Next, you write out at minimum a half page summary of the discussion.  I realize some parents will be more willing to talk about financial issues than others.  You do not need to write down specific dollar amounts or specific fiscal details.  I will be the only person who will see your journal.  I will check this part of the journal the last week of each month.  The person or people you have the discussion with must sign his or her name at the bottom of this summary.  

 The topics for each of the three summaries are as follows: 
1.  General household finances.
2.  Talk to someone over 50 about what is was like growing up from an economic standpoint.
3.  What is going to happen financially once school is over?