Study Guide for Final Fall 2013

Demographic trends                        aspects of Federalism                

components of parliamentary system         Components of presidential system    

Social cleavages in different countries        Aspects of weak/strong states  

Where does Mexico’s debt come from?

Unitary systems       aspects of civil society        aspects of political culture

Corporatism              interventionist states                       patron-client relationship

Khrushchev               glasnost                     political parties        Radicalism

Impediments to democracy                       socialism       aspects of legitimacy

Rentier states                        aspects of sovereignty         presidential terms

Electoral systems     nomenklatura                       Khatami         Khomeini     

Communist Party in China and Russia                Role of Social class

Margret Thatcher                 European Monetary Fund              European Union

The Cold War                       Role/importance of revolutions       

Where parties fall on the political spectrum                   Presidential terms

Role of females in different political systems                 Aspects of Socialism

Theocracy  Who is directly elected in Iran          What is welfare state

Population grow rates in different countries