Study Guide for Quiz #2 Chapters 9, 10 and 13                 Spring 2013

Chapter 9    Russia

Why was Russia a weak state in the 19th century?  Poverty in Russia   Gorbachev   Yeltsin  Putin

Politburo      perestroika     glasnost   Coup of 1993         Russian Prime Minister     Duma

Oligarchs      What can/canít the President do?       Interest groups


Chapter 10   China

Deng Xiaoping  Hundred Flowers Campaign   Great Leap Forward   Cultural Revolution

Homogeneity and linguistic diversity    Hong Kong   Confucianism    1927 and KMT/CCP

Factionalism     similarities/differences with Russia    why were capitalist let into the party?

The army   Current president     Falun Gong   


Chapter 13  Iran

Age of population     problems related to age of population      Economic policy    

Ayatollah Khomeini    What positions are elected by the people     legislative candidates

Rafsanjani     Khatami       Iran/Iraq war       1979 American hostage crisis      Shiism

Mossadeq     role of oil from the 1950í until today