Study Guide Quiz 1   Chapters 1-4, World is Flat Reading                                     Fall 2013

Be familiar with at minimum the following:

Chapter 1

State, government, regime, strong/weak state, totalitarianism, sovereignty, system theory, globalization, industrialized democracies


Chapter 2

first-past-the-post elections, political parties, interest groups, post-materialists, catchall party, Max Weber, Hobbes, Locke, political spectrum


Chapter 3

Liberal in American terms, aspects of the American presidential system, features of American courts, foreign policy in America, policy making, Congress, New Left, New Right


Chapter 4

Consensus policy, House of Lords, House of Commons, Great Reform Act, aspects of Conservative Party, aspects of Labor Party, Beveridge Report, Margaret Thatcher, European Monetary Union, Gradualism, Liberal Democrats


The World is Flat reading

Understand the two flatteners in the reading