If our lives are dominated by a search for happiness, then perhaps few activates reveal as much about the dynamics of this quest - in all its ardour and  paradoxes - than our travels.

Alain de Botton


Travel websites

Best overall website for travel!

Find the best price on flights around the world
A great over all website.  If you are looking for specific travel info check out the Thorn Tree forum.
This website shifts through more than 10 million far searches and more than a billion flights per day to help you find the best flights.
Similar to Lonely Planet.
A great travel writer and with nearly two decades of travel experience.
A site to compare prices on all your travel needs.
Don't forget your international ID Card.  Click here for information.
Who knew around the world tickets with multiple stops could be so cheap!
If you are looking for trips to Cuba, Iran or even Afghanistan.

Live Local Experiences
Tours and activities guided by local people

Feastly  Food with a story
Best pop-ups and trending Chefs around you

Book a table at a chef's table around the world

Stay with locals instead of hotels

Gap Year Options
Care to do work on an organic farm in a different country?


Service projects and internships overseas

Volunteer and cultural exchange opportunities around the world

Global Citizen Year
An amazing 8 month program