Analytical Response Paper


Select one of the handouts from class and write a 500 to 750 word response (about 2 pages


of double-spaced text in 12-point font and with 1” margins). You must succinctly


summarize the author’s point first, and then articulate an effective response, critique or


commentary that conveys to your readers (i.e., your instructor) your increasing capacity to


think within the terms of the discipline and what you have learned in the course. If you


need help consider the following: How did the reading surprise you? Did it make you


think differently about anything? Yes/no? How? Some of these essays come from a


different time, how do you think the author(s) would respond to the world/the


discipline/our society today? Is a concept or idea proposed by an author useful to think


with? How so? These are just few suggestions. 


You will still be responsible for the readings the day your response paper is due.